High-Precision 3D Scanning

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Capture everyday objects and surfaces as high-quality 3D Models in just minutes.

Ridiculously Powerful.

There's more to the EORA 3D scanner than meets the eye. Powerful hardware with a custom industrial laser combined with the unparalleled power and potential of a modern smartphone creates an uncompromising experience.

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Our goal with the EORA 3D scanner was to create an experience in 3D Scanning that is effortless and simple to use. By decoupling the turntable section that is generally a part of the system in traditional 3D Scanners, the EORA 3D scanner is versatile, simple and adaptable. Its intelligent design lets you capture an object in 3D just as easily as capturing a surface at the touch of a button.

Powerful Software

Software is an essential part of what makes the EORA 3D scanner so powerful. From the very beginning, we designed the EORA 3D scanner around the specifications and design of modern smartphones. This meant tapping into the potential of the optics and processing power of a modern smartphone. Capture 3D models in just minutes, 3D models are rendered real-time on screen, advanced editing tools for point-clouds, it's just the beginning.
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