One simple device, many possibilties!

EORA 3D Scanner is built to let you do more with less.
A typical scan takes just minutes, capture surfaces and objects in high-precision. 3D models are natively generated on your smartphone screen and can be output and shared in a variety of file formats.

Adjustable Phone Mount

Phones come in all different shapes and sizes. The versatile mount of the EORA 3D scanner allows you to easily mount a phone for a quick 3D scan. Rubber tips on either end of the mount stop your phone from scratching.

Range and Accuracy

Capture objects large or small. With a range of up to 1 meter (3 feet), a typical smartphone’s field of view lets you capture up to 1 square meter (3ft X 3ft). If an object or surface is larger, capture multiple scans and stitch them together.

Industrial Green Laser

A seemingly simple component can have a remarkable effect on performance. Equipped with an industrial quality eye-safe* green laser for capturing scans in a variety of lighting conditions.

Machined Aluminum

CNC machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum and available in two surface finishes: classic silver and dark grey. Machined from a single aluminum rod to tolerances of 40 microns, the stability and durability of the system during capture results in accurate 3D models.

CNC Machined

Designed for a mobile-first world.

Fast and Fluid

Designed to be mobile first from the very beginning, EORA 3D app is the fastest and most delightful way to interact with your 3D scan data. 3D models are instantly rendered on-screen natively with textures. Get hands on with your 3D models anywhere.

Familiar Gestures

Zoom, pan, rotate, pinch - interact in all the familiar ways you already know how to. Double tap anywhere to reset the view.

Colors/Textures and Normals

Evaluate surface normals by toggling textures off.

360° Watertight

Capture 360° models with the Bluetooth Turntable. Convert raw point-cloud data into watertight meshes effortlessly on desktop 3D software.
Click here for raw point cloud

File Export Types

Output files as .STL for 3D Printing. .OBJ and .PLY for textures, and render information.

Smart Noise Filtering

Advanced algorithms in the EORA 3D app capture up to 8 million raw data points for each point cloud. Selectively delete points in a single scan or use the smart noise filter to reduce or add points to your 3D Model.

And many more features


Securely upload, share and edit 3D scan files from anywhere. Share your 3D Models to Dropbox, Box, Sketchfab, iCloud Drive for easy access.

Stitch and Mesh
Meshing & Stitching

Turn point-cloud data into meshed surfaces. Built in basic stitching for larger objects or surfaces. Use Desktop point cloud software for advanced stitching.


We’re transforming the way people create and share 3D data. Capture ideas, share insights and present information on 3D models.

Historical analysis
Historical Analysis*

Measure and analyse part or surface wear and tear over time. Superimpose multiple scans of the same object in a common reference system to visualise and measure critical dimensional changes.

machine learning and data extraction into CAD/CAM
Data Extraction*

Extract dimensional data from 3D scans. Publish to online dashboards and extract data and 3D models to pdf documents or as jpegs.

Always updating

We are always innovating. We are continually updating our software with updated data acqusition models and algorithms.

Tech Specs

Electrical and Operating Requirements

Size and Weight


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File Output

Resolution and Accuracy

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*Feature availability may vary across devices due to inherent device properties.
Not all features may be available.

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