A better, faster, easier way to 3D Scan

Made for creativity

Creative freedom in a powerful, yet portable 3D Scanning solution.

3D Printing Application

3D Printing

Capture objects seamlessly, edit noise out, mesh in-app and export as .stl files, ready for your next project.


With sub-100 micron precision, inspect surface detail on your smartphone or on desktop pro software.

Inspection application
Digital Design application

Digital Design

Files generated are ready for importing into design software such as Photoshop, and others. Perfect for designers, digital artists, industrial designers and 3D Sculptors.

Industrial Design

Import 3D Scans of free-form surfaces into 3D Surface modelling software, convert them to solids for sculpting and rendering.

Industrial Design application
Engineering application


Reverse Engineering, part wear and tear inspection, a versatile portable tool for a variety of engineering requirements.


High Definition surveying of accidents and crime scenes to capture evidence containing millions of points.

Forensics application

Move faster at the pace of your ideas. With a smartphone based approach, you are always ready to explore new ideas.


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